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are the laboratories of democracy. do not let the government telling states what kind of training and medicare they have to have. if the state gets in trouble, we can step in to help them. the right approach is one that relies on the brilliance of our people and states, not the federal government. >> we are still on the economy but another part of it. this is segment 3, the economy -- entitlements. the first question goes to you, mr. president. do you see a major difference between the two of you on it? -- on social security? >> we have a somewhat similar position. it is socially sound. it will have to be tweaked. the basic structure is sound. i want to talk about the values behind social security and medicare. medicare is the big driver of our deficit. my grandmother helped to raise me. my grandfather died a while back. my grandmother died three days before i was elected president. she was independent. she worked her way up. she only had a high school allocation. -- education. she ended up being the vice- president of a local bank. she ended up living along by choice. -- living alone by choic
are not the only ones making decisions like this. the task force also said that with regard to medicare, we need to do something about the obese and smokers and they also had a proposal which was more complicated than ours for restricting the spending on end of life care. these are difficult, painful decisions but we will have to see -- we will have to face them. sunday up next, the nevada senatorial debate. this race could be a tossup. a new poll shows senator heller leading. this is one hour. >> good evening and welcome to the studios of kmpb in reno. this will be an hourlong debate b, andred by cbs, kmp "the reno cassette journal. here is the format for the debate. each candidate will get a one minute opening statement. the candidate will then be asked a series of questions. the candidates will each get one minute and a half to respond to the same question. the candidates will receive -- who receive the original question will get one minute to rebut. we will also have closing statements. opening statements have been determined by a coin toss. these are our questioners. >> thank you and i woul
generation so these promises are kept. >> they have laid out clearly -- they say we have endangered medicare. they have stolen money from medicare to get money for obamacare. you see it and hear it in everything they say. nothing could be further from the truth. >> joe biden and paul ryan will face off in their only debate. you can watch and engage with c- span on our live debate preview starting at 7:00 eastern followed by the debate at 9:00. your reaction, calls, e-mails, and it reads at 10:30. >> in a little more than an hour and a half, a forum on possible tax increases caused by the so- called fiscal cliff after the first of the year. later, the senate debate in the jersey. on washington journal tomorrow morning, we will be joined by ann coulter. we will talk about politics with katrina vanden heuvel, editor of "the nation." washington journal is live everyday at 7:00 eastern. >> americans are not the only people to have a september 11 in their national story. in santiago, chile there was a september 11 even that had a dramatic impact on chilean history and memory. military officers on
have worked their whole lives, paid into medicare. they are folks looking for jobs right now. these are folks out what to get back to work. these are folks looking to care for themselves. i agree with a congressman. the way we address this is we broaden the tax base, but you give people jobs so they are part of the system. that is how we have always functioned as society. when i talk about the american dream it is giving people those opportunities so they can climb one or two rungs on the ladder and leave their kids better off. we have got to on president -- to honor the parents and grandparents. we need to be involved in the social security system. >> on to this debate. republicans in this district and other districts are running tv ads hammering you and other democrats for supporting the president's health care overall, specifically what they say is a dangerous cuts to medicare by lowering payments to providers in the medicare advantage program. do you support that aspect of health care overall, and if so, what you say to seniors who are worried about their health care? >>
? >> the first thing in our article here is getting medicare costs under control is the number one priority and it is the most untouchable thing. that will cause more trouble than any other problem we have fiscally in the united states. getting medicare costs under control is the number one thing. >> you say we also surcharges' smokers and the obies for their mevacor -- medicare programs. where did that idea come from? >> it came from us. i put it in the memo but i did not have to fight hard for it. it is something i ran in the washington post. i called people mega fatties rather than morbidly obese. i was rebuked for being insensitive. i guess i probably am. everyone knows it is true. someone has to pay for it. i am not saying you should bankrupt people if they are too heavy. but there should be penalties. i am not really a democrat but i am a democrat compared to him. it have to be responsible to some extent for your personal behavior. someone is going to pay for it. >> quite right. we should point out we are not the only ones making arguments like this. there have been other bipartisan c
are raising taxes and cutting medicare. in fact, there has been a study released this week. the people look at his spending plans and all of the debt they create and interest that its charge. he will raise taxes on the middle class as well by some $4,000 per family. the american people do not want more taxes. they want less spending and more growth. we will do that and get america back on a balanced budget. [applause] i do not want to raise taxes on any one. this president seems to think that keeping our taxes the same as they are now is a huge tax cut. only in washington would do thing keeping taxes as they are is a huge tax cut. hot i will find a way to bring our taxes down -- i will find a way to bring down our taxes. we will give the middle class a tax break. [cheers and applause] you know when it comes to creating jobs that paul ryan and i have a plan. it is not a repeat of the last four years because we cannot afford four more years of the last four years. it is an entirely different direction. it has five different parts. number one, we will take advantage of our energy, coal, gas, o
for and how they should react. >> president reagan began campaigning around the nation against medicare. now we have an opportunity to move towards a national health insurance. with the emphasis on prevention of disease. emphasis on outpatient care, not in patient care. holding down the hospital care for those that are ill. emphasis on catastrophic health insurance so that of a family is threatened with being wiped out economically because of a very high medical bills, insurance would help pay for it. these are the kind of elements of a national health insurance important to the people. gov. reagan typically is against such a proposal. >> here we go again. what i oppose medicare, there was another piece of legislation before the congress. i happen to favor the other piece of legislation and thought it would be better for the senior citizens to provide better care that was -- to provide care that was better than the one that actually passed. to guard uc president reagan smiling while carter is giving that answer. the second thing it does is you are already casting doubt on what is being said.
on medicare have saved $223 million on a drug -- prescription drugs since it was effected. do you support taking away all these benefits that are very popular with texans? he went to take them away by trying to repeal this law? >> i believe we should repeal this law for two reasons. number one, it is designed to move us inexorably towards single-payer government-provided health care. if you look every nation on earth where socialized medicine is implemented, the result has been poor quality, waiting times, and rationing, putting government bureaucrats between patients and their doctors. the second reason it should be repealed as that i think asobamacare was -- obamacare was rammed through in a brazen display of arrogance. it was clear it was contrary to the strong views of the majority of people. it is the only major piece of social legislation of modern times to be passed on a strictly partisan vote, only by democrats, despite the fact that brokers in virginia had elected a republican. in massachusetts, the scott brown race was effectively a referendum on obamacare. and yet this presiden
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)

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